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Yaballe Auto Ordering

Yaballe Managed Auto-Ordering (Yaballe Fulfillment)

To Place Again an Order (Edit & Retry)

You may need to place again an order that was previously processed.

Such cases can happen for example, if a processed order was later cancelled by Amazon and you want to give it another try. Another example is an order that failed to process because of an address error, and you want to retry it with an alternate address.

Now you can easily re-place these orders yourself!

1. In the order row on Yaballe Sold Items page, under 'Operations' column (most right column), look for the 'Edit & Retry' button:

Note: The button appears for an order only in these cases:

The order status is 'ERROR' <OR>

The order status is 'EXCLUDED' <OR>

The order status is 'SUCCESS', but tracking ID is missing 3-14 days after fulfillment.

2. Click the button to open a dialogue box with the current known order details.

Note: the address details will be pre-filled only if there wasn't an address error.

3. Review the order details and edit it in case you need to. You can edit the following details:


- Address: Line #1, Line #2, City, State, Zip code (supports also HipShipper address)

- Source price

- Maximum Price

Note: You will not be able to edit the following:

- Country ('United States' is the default value).

- Quantity (the quantity specified in the first order will stay the same).

Important! For HipShipper address - please remember to uncheck the 'Cancel Auto Tracking' option. This will ensure that an HipShipper Tracking ID will not be sent to eBay.

4. Click the ‘Retry Order’ button (bottom right).

5. A 'Confirmation' dialogued box will pop-up with the (new) order details summary. Click the 'Yes' button if you are sure you want to retry the order with these details.

Note: You can click the 'No' button and return to edit the order details.

That's it, you've made it!

Note: If you 'Edit and Retry' an order with a 'SUCCESS' status - the order row will actually duplicate itself. The original row status will change to 'Resubmitted' (with a link to the new retry order row). The new row will go through the regular auto-ordering lifecycle status (Pending / Processing / Success or Error) - with a link to the old one, for your convenience.

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