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In the following article, we will present and update days & hours for Manual balance loadings for those who use Yaballe's Managed Accounts service.

In order to give you the best and quickest response when loading balance manually please make sure to open a new ticket each time.

Head to your Balance tab, then follow the instructions below:
Balance-->Open a ticket--> Manual balance load

This way, every request will be processed quickly and efficiently by our dedicated support team.

Working hours for balance loads:
09:00 GMT- 17:00 GMT

Each Balance load should be sent with a transaction number as live text, for example:

In addition, it is important to attach a screenshot of the transfer with the green V.
An indication which confirms that the transfer was completed successfully, as in the following example:

Please note:
Requests will be handled within a few hours once sent.
Balance loads sent out of working hours will be loaded the next day.
Balance loads sent over the weekend: Friday-Saturday -will be loaded on Sunday.

All this is done to give you a comprehensive and quick response so you can enjoy the benefit of loading without the fixed Payoneer fee of -1% in the amount of $ 5,000 and above.

Thank you, the Yaballe team :)

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