This service provides you with an option to use Yaballe's automatic ordering system from Amazon no matter what your destination selling website is - Walmart, Shopify, Bonanza or anything else - you can upload you orders into Yaballe with a CSV file and once they are there and balance is loaded - we fulfill them for you automatically.

The terms of service are the same as the managed ordering system we offer:

Tax exemption

Auto Ordering from Yaballe's Amazon accounts

Automatic update of tracking numbers

Automatic conversion to Bluecare

Full support for the entire Amazon suppliers table: SBA, FBA & 3rd party

24/7 human chat support on various topics: return labels, refunds, manual orders for end cases and more

Paid with PayPal or Pioneer

Currently supported for only

How does it work?

Unlike the regular managed accounts system (for API drop-shippers from Amazon to eBay, who use Yaballe as a monitor as well), since in your case orders don't sync into the system automatically, you need to import them manually via a CSV file. From there we fulfill them automatically as long as there is enough balance.

The file should include the following columns (columns order & names must be exactly as shown):

Pay attention to the correct way to write a phone number (first 3 digits in brackets,

then - a dash after the next 3 digits).

Make sure to fill all the columns BEFORE you upload the file.

After uploading the file, select all the new orders and hit the yellow rocket icon on top of SOLD ITEMS page to FORCE auto ordering on them otherwise they would not be processed.

To signup for the service, please contact the support on our chat. Thank you! :-)

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