Auto Orders control page is your Yaballe Sold Items page.

Once you join Auto Orders service& buy auto orders credits a new column would appear on your Sold Items page - Auto Orders column:

It takes about 10 minutes for the system to begin working after the setup or after changes in auto orders settigs.

Old orders status

IMPORTANT: When you connect auto orders for the first time (even before you set auto orders settings), make sure all the old orders you DON'T WANT the system to process are marked as ordered (green cart icon):

New orders status

What matters is not the cart icon, but the status in Auto Orders column:

All orders NOT marked as "Excluded" in Auto Order column would be attempted to be processed. So if you have already processed some of them, make sure to exclude them. You can exclude in bulk - once you check at least one item, bulk operation buttons appear on top of the page:


Auto Orders Statuses:

Processing - you can EXCLUDE an item while it's processing. It is suggested to check if the system hasn't in fact ordered it in Amazon yet in case you come to exclude it too late.
NOTE: Tracking for manual orders is not updated automaticaly.


Success - Order was processed successfully


Exluded - would show after you exclude. It is reversable (click the little arrow).


Fatal Errors

(Auto Ordering becomes not active in SETTINGS > AUTO ORDERS):

You would those buttons on top of all your yaballe page:

Hoover them with your mouse to get a hint as to what needs to be fixed, for example:

This means the system recognized auto-orders were turned off either by yourself or by the system (no credit balance / login error).

This means you need to check & fix your Amazon email and password or generate a new 2FA code:


Does the system update tracking numbers to orders which I processed manually?

  • No

What if I have items in my cart when auto orders comes to order something?

  • The system would first empty your cart and then start ordering

What do I do with a cancelled order which was already ordered (success status)?

  • Simply cancel the order directly in Amazon and then delete the sale row from Sold Items page (bin icon).

Does the system support cashback?

  • Not yet

Is the profit I would see on my Sold Items page correct?

  • Yes, only for orders processed by the auto ordering system the source price, as well as order ID, would be updated automatically after purchase, allowing the profit to be recalculated automatically based on AMOUNT PAID column to give you a 100% precise profit.

Please contact the support on Yaballe chat in you have more questions :-)

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