Currently supports orders from Amazon US, Amazon CA, Amazon UK and Amazon DE with Credit Card or from Gift Card balance or both combined.

To signup to Yaballe Auto-orders, please choose the desired auto orders credits pack on PRICING page > ADD-ONs tab.

Each successful order costs 1 auto orders credit.
Credit prices are as following:

After purchasing auto orders credits, SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS > AUTO ORDERS would unlock for you to set your Amazon settings:

Fill in all the details in the next window:

Step 1: Before you do it, make sure you have the Credit Card which you want to use for auto orders connected to your Amazon account and that the CC billing address in Amazon is correct. *This is required even if you want to use to use the GC option.
Step 2: Follow our Amazon 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) guide.
Step 3: Fill the details in the AMAZON ACCOUNT pop-up window as shown below.
Leave Proxy Setting fields empty.

Click OK and make sure this account's line is marked ACTIVE:

At the moment we support auto-orders from one Amazon account only.

In auto-tracking section in SETTINGS > AUTO ORDERS make sure it's Enabled and checked like this:

In addition to auto tracking settings:

US & UK users - In order to make your auto tracking work, please purchase one of our Bluecare Express packages on PRICING page > ADD-ONs tab in addition to AO credits and it would start working automatically as long as the settings are enabled. Amazon carrier tracking numbers would be converted into Bluecare Express numbers (can be tracked inside eBay and can be used as delivery proof in eBay).

DE users - Amazon carrier tracking numbers are converted automatically into DEPOST. If you prefer to convert them into Bluecare, you can do it manually after purchasing one of our Bluecare Express packages on PRICING page > ADD-ONs tab, just contact us on the support on chat so we stop the auto tracking service for you. In the future automatic conversion to Bluecare would be supported for Germany too.

You are ready to go!

You can access and control the performance of the auto ordering service on your Yaballe Sold Items page (you would see Auto Order column added on the left after you purchase auto orders credits).


If you have an Amazon Business account, there is one more small setting to do in Amazon. Click here for details.

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