First, make sure to allow pop-ups on Yaballe website like this:

Leave just one Yaballe page open in your browser and one tab for your eBay account (make sure you are logged in there):

Select the Source you would upload from.

Paste your Source IDs list in the large field or upload a CSV, if you have one. The following formats are supported:

  1. Source ID / ASIN only:

In this case the title would be taken from source, quantity and profit from your Yaballe Settings and category from eBay suggestion.

2. Source ID; title - separated by comma-dot:
Profit and quantity would be taken from your Yaballe settings

3. Source ID; title; quantity - separated by comma-dot:

Profit would be taken from your Yaballe settings

4. From CSV file in the following format:

Now simply click LIST ITEMS button, you would see this notification:

Leave your browser open till the extension gives you a notification it's finished.
Each item would take about 2 minutes to list. Please don't touch the browser while the extension is working and don't close the tabs it would open automaticaly.

Success notification in the end looks like this (appears on the Bulk lister tab):

Listings tabs which have failed for various reasons would be left open in eBay for you to go over them and check/correct the error issues and complete them manually.

If you want to cancel the process after it has began, simply close all eBay & Yaballe tabs on your browser, then open Yaballe and cleach cache (CTRL+F5 on your keyboard).

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