What are Bluecare Express tracking numbers?

Bluecare Express tracking numbers can be tracked by eBay, provide delivery proof for eBay and your buyer and help raise your seller rating in ebay.

For example, this is how a BlueCare Express number looks when you click it in eBay:

In order to be able to convert tracking numbers to Bluecare with Yaballe, please purchase Bluecare numbers pack on Yaballe PRICING page > EXTRA ADD-ONS tab:

Once you purchase the pack, a new page will be active in your monitor menu - Auto Tracking page. You would see your Bluecare balance there too.




After you click the MANUAL CHANGE TO BCE button, a pop-up window would open:

Step 1 - when the item is shipped:

  • Choose "Convert tracking"

  • Paste your buyer's name & address exactly as it's written in Amazon.

  • Tracking link - it's the URL from the page in Amazon where you see the tracking details.

  • Tracking HTML - login to you Amazon account, go to Amazon tracking page, mouse right click > view page source > CTRL+A > Copy & Paste in Yaballe

After you have the Bluecare number, you can add it to your sale with carrier name: Bluecare Express.


Step 2 - after the item is delivered:

  • Please notice that you need to repeat the process once the tracking is updated to "delivered" in order to update Bluecare Express (BCE) to show "delivered" in eBay as well.

But this time choose the following option - UPDATE AS DELIVERED:

Once you are finished no more action is needed - it would send the update to ebay.

* * *

Please note Bluecare only support conversion for tracking numbers of packages, which were not delivered yet when you started STEP 1.

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