All the sales from your eBay items which are monitored in Yaballe would sync automatically into Yaballe SOLD ITEMS page.

The default preview only shows you the ones which haven't been ordered and haven't been shipped yet.
You can use FILTERS button to see also the ones which were already shippped ( = have a tracking number or were marked  by you as "shipped" without a tracking number ):

Manual Ordering Process:

  1. Click on the ASIN / source ID in Source Column, and this will lead you to the supplier's product page. 

  2. On the supplier's product page, select the product and place it in your cart - all manually.

  3. SAVE ADDRESS: If it's Amazon, Walmart or AliExpress, you can click the  SAVE button on Yaballe Sold Items page to save your client's address. Click here for Yaballe Extension complete guide to see how it works. The SAVE ADDRESS button is on the right:  

4. If it's Amazon, you can use our automatic gift message to buyer function. Click here to see how.
5. Finish order processing on the supplier website and then mark it to yourself as ordered by clicking the cart icon in Yaballe (green cart = ordered item):

This can also be done in bulk:

You can also copy and paste the Order ID number into Order ID Column - this would mark it as "Ordered" (green cart) automatically. This is reversible in case you made a mistake - by clicking the cart icon again and deleting the order ID:

6. Now wait till your supplier would ship your order. Once you have a tracking number, copy & paste it here:

It would open this window and once you click "OK" the information would be automatically updated in your order DIRECTLY IN EBAY:

If you are interested in automatic tracking update (paid service available only for Amazon sourced items), click here for details.

If you prefer manual tracking update and only need conversion of Amazon TBA tracking numbers to Bluecare Express, please contact our support on chat for details.


Additional Functions:

  1. Here you can add notes about the sale to yourself:

2. Use this button to open your item in a separated tab in your browser, for example if you want to edit something in that item after sale:

3. Delete a Sale from Sold Items page (doesn't have no effect onn ebay). For example when the order has been cancelled in eBay:

*There is also an option for deleing in Bulk - appears only when at least one row is selected (in case you have a lot of old orders you decide to delete):

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