For those of you who are not willing to use eBay file exchange, we have launched an option to allow our Chrome Extension to update the price & quantity for you automatically!

How to make it work?

Click Yaballe Chrome extension icon in the browser and in the window which opens set the "Automatically Reprice for Non-Api" icon button like this (it needs to be green):

Now, just make sure to leave your browser open as long as you want your updates to run - updates would be updated from your Yaballe NEED UPDATE tab into eBay by the order of their appearance in NEED UPDATE tab every 30 seconds (each update takes 30 seconds).

The extension would open the eBay account you are logged into on that browser / last logged into and do the changes directly in eBay for you (you would see eBay item pages open up - please do not touch them till it's finished).

Please leave the browser open for 30 seconds X by the number of your updates and avoid working till updates are finished. In the end, when NEED UPDATE is zero, turn the automatic reprice OFF (otherwise your pages would reload every 30 seconds).

This option is only available for non-api users on LISTER + MONITOR plans (not available on UNLIMITED LISTER plan).


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