About item not appearing in the monitor - please make sure the following:

  1. Make sure to remove any other Chrome extension with similar function to ours - this might interfere very much in the function of our Chrome extension

  2. You are using Google Chrome updated version (in an updated Chrome version you should see 3 dots in your browser's top right corner. If you have an icon with a house instead of the 3 dots, please click it - it would update your Chrome. Then close the browser and reopen it to continue working.

  3. Yaballe lister page stays open until the listing is up in ebay.

  4. You are logged into one eBay account only.

  5. Don't try to touch/edit the listing before you see the notification with "OK" saying that import to ebay was finished.


If you want us to sync the listings which have failed to be added to the monitor, please send us a simple 2 columns excel or CSV file with Source ID and eBay IDs, like shown below and we would sync them for you (only supports items without variations):

Thank you! :-)

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