Benefits in working with those suppliers:

  1. Competitive items in eBay - Items from new suppliers are more likely to become competitive items in eBay, as drop-shipping from those suppliers is still not very popular and not many eBay sellers sell them (at least not yet). Some suppliers (for example Lowe's, Bestbuy) have their own house brand items which allow you to be even more competitive. Some items can be totally unique, for example if you choose to drop-ship a one-of-a-kind item from Etsy or decide to go for Costco current discounted products. And we all know a competitive item in eBay means better exposure and the possibility to set higher margin.

  2. Replace the source for your best performing Amazon sourced items - On the other hand, some of those suppliers actually sell the same items which can be found in Amazon, so in case you want to stop working with Amazon completely, but want to continue selling some of your existing great-performing items in ebay, you can simply change your item's source ID in Yaballe to a source ID of the same item from a new supplier and continue selling it.

  3. No more AMZL tracking numbers!

  4. Cashback! Yes, practically all of those suppliers work with some kind of cashback - simply google your desired supplier's name + the word "cashback" and choose the one you prefer to work with!

  5. Gift Cards - almost all of the suppliers work with Gift Cards and some also have discounted GCs (check in the table below).

  6. PayPal - many suppliers accept PayPal, some would only accept US Paypal only - this is something we advice you to check with the support of each supplier.

  7. Dropshipper friendly suppliers: Costway is a supplier which is known to be dropshipper friendly and this provides you with 3% discount as Yaballe user and also with dropshipper agreement for ebay, in case you would need one. Click here for more info about it.

What to pay attention to when making your research about a new supplier? 

  1. When you browse them, first of all, make sure the supplier website shows you the data in English in US dollars and to a US destination.

  2. Check what are the ways to contact the supplier - is it clear on their website? Is it chat, email or phone? Remember - this is the way you would have to contact them in case something goes wrong, so it needs to be easy for you.

  3. What ways of payment do they accept? If you are not a US resident, you may want even to try to put something in your cart and make a trial checkout without actually finishing the checkout. You can also advice use the supplier's contact options to get more details.

  4. What are their shipping and returns terms? Are those terms different for Clearance sale items? Especially the heavy weight and expensive ones. With returns - pay attention not only to return shipping times and cost, but also where does the money goes after the return. Some suppliers might send the refund as a physical Gift Cards to your buyer's address in case you used Gift Card at purchase.

In the table below we have gathered some basic information about all the suppliers currently supported in Yaballe. Please note that all the information is due to a change and it is your responsibility to check it live with the supplier when needed. This article was last edited 12 Dec 2019:

What needs to be set in Yaballe before start working with a new supplier?

Just 2 things:

  1. Breakeven in SETTINGS > GENERAL > Profit & Breakeven. Your breakeven should always include your eBay fees percent + your PayPal fees percent + some average percent for supplier's tax).

  2. Return & Shipping Policies: In case your supplier's return policy and their shipping policy fit your Yaballe SETTINGS > EBAY POLICY > MONITOR PROFILES settings you don't need to do anything. In case you choose to work with a few suppliers simultaneously or need for than policy per each policy type (returns / shipping), you"ll need to create those policies in eBay and then sync them with Yaballe in Yaballe SETTINGS > EBAY POLICY > BUSINESS POLICY > UPDATE FROM EBAY, choose defaults and save - they would now appear in the lister and you would be able to choose from them, in case you have more than one there.

Bundle items are supported for all the new suppliers, but multi-variations are not supported for them yet.

Yaballe BULK LISTER supports all the new suppliers, you just need to choose the source before pasting the item source ID or item links into it's field:

Pay attention to the default template you choose, as the bulk lister uses the default template. Check out our Bulk lister Guide here.

For more questions, please contact support on Yaballe Chat. Thank you! :-)

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