In order to start the service you need to log in to Settings > Auto messages (available only on certain subscription plans).

The service allows the monitor to send multiple messages to the buyer as defined. Thank you message after the sale, positive feedback to the buyer, a message about sending the product includes a tracking number update & a feedback request after X days.

All messages go through your eBay inbox and can be seen in your eBay outgoing mail.

The messages sent can be seen on the SELLINGS page underneath the eBay Id numbers as small grey envelopes. Their color changes to green as the message is sent. Hoovering the envelope with your mouse would show the name of the message:

To enable auto messages, simply check the check-boxes on the left of each option.

It is important to note that the wording we have attached is a suggestion only and can be modified as you like, just keep in mind NOT TO TOUCH TAGS IN CAPITAL LETTERS: LISTING_TITLE, BUYER_NAME, TRACKING_NUMBER, CARRIER, FEEDBACK_PAGE_LINK - they would be replaced with real information once the message is sent.

Notifications will only be valid for new sales, which you would receive after you set the settings.

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