Sometimes the lister wouldn't recognize category number and you would get the following error in the lister:

{"category_id":["Not a valid integer."]}


Your Yaballe user is not connected to eBay (token disconnected). To connect go to Yaballe SETTINGS > ADVANCED > ADVANCED ACCOUNTS SETTINGS > RECONNECT TO EBAY (red button).


There are no recognizable existing similar listings in eBay for us to refer to.

In such case you have two choices:


Copy the title form one of the items the lister suggests under "Other Sellers" and copy the category number from that item manually like this:



Option 2 is to copy the category number form an existing listings in ebay using Yaballe Bot extension "SAVE TO YABALLE" function:

After you click "SAVE TO YABALLE" in ebay, go back to the lister and click "load from ebay" under the category section:

eBay Categories Page

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