The VERO issue in Yaballe Lister is treated on two levels:

  1. VERO identification in AUTO-LISTER - gives you alerts only and allows to upload despite the alert, if you want to.

2. In BULK LISTER - block from listing (accompanied by an email detailing the reason for blocking).

The alerts in AUTO-LISTER, as well blocking in BULK LISTER are performed according to the Yaballe SETTINGS> ADVANCED>VERO STRICTNESS:

We have 3 levels of VERO, and always when there is a VERO warning written in the AUTO-LISTER you have to get used to read the warning and analyze it:



If it's only in the title - check whether it's a brand or a general word used also as a brand name (such as the brand "always"), an replica (also forbidden in eBay) or a product that serves a VERO Brand, which is usually okay to list, as long as the title is used in words: FOR ... COMPATIBLE WITH ... FITS ...

Please note that if you list from AliExpress, VERO in title is often equal to VERO brand, because most of AliExpress items do not have specified brand in the lister.

And the third case is VERO in the description of the product, where it will usually be a warning signal and many times you will see that it is sometimes accidental, because it is because of the name of a brand that is also just a commonly used word in the English language. So for your consideration. :-)

How do Brands get into our VERO list? They get in 2 ways:

  1. We scan eBay's official VERO list once in every 24 hours and update it

  2. We collect VERO reports from our users during the years. This is actually the main part of the list and it is very important to send us the message about item removals from eBay every time you get such (plus the ASIN of the item), so we can add it to the list and help you and other users to avoid listing it.

How to Check all your existings listings for VERO?

For this we have the VERO SCAN button on MONITOR page - just click it and let the page reload. The button turns green when working:

The VERO SCAN button allows you to check VERO brand only - based on the brand of the source ID as seen in the Lister (if you have manually changed the brand to a VERO brand we would not be able to catch it).

The list if updated once a day - if you report a new ASIN to us, you would be able to check your existing listings for it with the VERO SCAN button only one day after we add it.

This feature is available from certain plans only (updated from time to time - please check on PRICING page or consult our support on chat).

Thank you for your cooperation! :-)

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