Please note that each Yaballe user can only work with one eBay platform / destination. You can change eBay platform for your Yaballe account any time in SETTINGS > ADVANCED.

If you sell from one eBay account to a few eBay sites, you will need a separated Yaballe user per each. After they exist you can link them under one subscription for easy daily use.

Before changing a platform, please make sure you have deleted all the listings from this Yaballe account.

Once you are ready choose the new platform in SETTINGS>ADVANCED and SAVE. :-)

After saving in SETTING>ADVANCED WINDOW, please LOG OUT from this account (LOGOUT from the menu on the left) and LOGIN AGAIN.

Now update your:


SETTINGS > MONITOR PROFILES (especially item location & ZIP)

If you have more questions, please contact our chat support :-)

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