We have upgraded our filter system to support Amazon add-on items filtering. From today, there is no need to delete your existing products or fear that a product will change to an Add-On.

Where is this setting located in the monitor?



If you want to block Add-On items DO NOT CHECK "Allow Add-On Items":

The following would happen:

A. You'd  get a warning in the Auto-Lister (you'll need to decide whether to list despite the warning or not).
B. Add-on items would be blocked in bulk-lister.
C. For your existing items - the filter would filter your add-ons and make them out of stock or monitor them according to a regular seller price, if there is such and if he fits your other settings in filters.

This is actually an optimal solution because it does not require from you to delete products. The add-on sellers will be filtered out after scanning and the monitor would ignore them and move to the next seller in seller table. As always, if there is no seller matching your filters - the product will go into protected mode until it is recognized as relevant.

*In case you usually work only with FBA items and notice an add-on item which is also sold by a third party seller, which you are interested in working with, you can remove the FBA filter from that item's row only:

Don't forget to change this item's policy in ebay to a policy with longer shipping! And if you have made changes in your policies in eBay - clear & update your policies in the monitor too :-)

If you want to allow add-on items (for example in order to work with them in bundle-items - check on Allow Add-On Items:

Basically, when creating a bundle listings with add-on items, you need to make sure that you"ll have a cart that includes over $25 prime products, before adding the add-on product/s (preferably a little more than $25, in case one of the products suddenly becomes cheaper).

You can find the complete bundle listing guide here.

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