Preparations & settings before listing:


Please check on the shipping companies you want to work with & save this setting.

NOTE: Yaballe would always check out for the cheapest shipping option available each moment for the item to the US (or to France in you use, to UK for, etc.) and add it to your AliExpress source price.

NOTE 2: If you uncheck all the shipping options in settings - all your AliExpress items would be out of stock in your ebay account.

2. Set up a unique policy for AliExpress on your eBay account and SYNC it with the monitor in SETTINGS > EBAY POLICIES > BUSINESS POLICIES in the monitor.

When uploading a new listing don't forget to choose this policy each time in the LISTER, unless AliExpress is your default.

The Listing Process:

3. Copy the item's URL link from AliExpress, paste it in Yaballe Auto LISTER and click ":

Please note that Yaballe loads all the item specifics automatically.

Item description is also imported automatically in case it's clear in AliExpress (not filled with junk features and pictures). If item description is not available from AliExpress at all, we would repeat the item specifics as etxt under teh description section too.

Listings multi-variation items:

If you put into the lister a link to a multi-variation item from AliExpress it would display all the variations in the lister in a special preview window automatically:

You can uncheck unwanted variations (uncheck the blue V on the left).

You can also prevent listings variations which are out of stock at the moment you list (check box below the variations preview window).

Check out also our video guide on listing multi-variation items from AliExpress here.

What to pay attention to?

It's highly important to pay attention to buyer's reviews and especially the pictures - to make sure what you see is indeed what you get. 

Possible Errors:

Multi-variations specifics names counterfeit with item specifics name

General notes:

But you can create unique bundle listings from AliExpress items. For bundle listings guide press here.

Thank you and good luck!

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