We are proud to present to you the possibility of uploading bundle listings to eBay with our Auto-Lister! A bundle is a few separated products which may come from different sellers, that we upload as one listing on eBay

The feature works with all the sources we currently support (Amazon.com, Walmart & AliExpress).

Summary of the video & more:

In order to upload a bundle listing to eBay,  first find the products that you would like to combine into the Bundle. You better use same source for each bundle (that is in order not to mix products from Amazon / Walmart & AliExpress, so for the shipping time of each item in the bundle would not to be too different one from another).

Creating a Bundle Listing - The Steps:

  1. Paste the ASIN or the link to the main product in your package in the Lister and click GET ITEM.

In fact, the monitor will automatically suggest you to create an bundle from any link you put into it - you will see the BUNDLE LISTING section where you simply can add desired bundle listings to your main item.

2. Add the bundled item ASIN or link into the field "BUNDLE SOURCE ID".

3. Press the blue button "ADD BUNDLE".

  • You can connect up to 10 different products in one bundle. In order to do that, you must repeat the process of pasting the ASIN / link into the BUNDLE SOURCE ID field instead of the previous one and pressing ADD BUNDLE again.

After adding the Bundle product/s you will get the following preview - you can scroll with the scroller on the right side and see all the products with their ASIN/source ID, their source price and their pictures:

Please note - if you would like to add one of the pictures of the bundled products to the images that will appear in the gallery of this listing - just click on it - it would be added to the gallery:

Here you see the situation after the click - after scrolling down to the listing's PHOTOS  area - we can see that the clicked pictures have been added to the gallery and you can add them to the collage, if  you like:

Price, profit & breakeven settings:

The price which the Lister will offer us for the bundle listing will be the total price of all items - you can set profit and break for the whole package together, just as you are used to with a single product:


Pay attention to the following:

  1. Please note, all the details of the listing - UPC, MPN, EAN, BRAND, item specifics, item description and product title - will be taken from the main product only - if you wish to add the additional products information, please do it manually.

  2. Do not change the UPC of the leading product in your bundle, since according to eBay's bundle listings policy when listing a seller-initiated bundle, the UPC of the bundle should be the UPC of the primary item in it. If all the items are worth the same, it should be the most popular among them. If there is no obvious connection & relations between the items you should list them as regular single listings in eBay.

  3. The lister would automatically mark a bundle listing as bundle listing on eBay in the item specifics section - you do not need to do anything about it - just be careful not to remove the "V" by mistake:

How are bundled items counted in the monitor?

Each ASIN / source ID is counted as a listing towards your package in the monitor since it needs to be monitored separately.

What happens when one of the products in a bundle gets out of stock?

In that case the monitor would take all the bundle listing out of stock.

Good luck! :-)

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