To add a VA account, please go SETTINGS page > Accounts tab.

There you can add a VA account and decide which areas of the monitor give your VA access to.

How its done?

  1. Press the Add VA Account button, a pop-up window will open. In that window, fill in your VA's email address (it would be his user name for this Yaballe account) and create a new password for him (a password which is not used in the system elsewhere by you). Now check on the operations you want to give your VA access to and click "OK". 

After saving a new row would be then added under the VA account tile in the settings page. 

You can add more than one VA to each of your Yaballe accounts.

How to change VA's access or delete his account?

You can always click on the pencil icon in that VA's row and edit your VA's access if you want. 

You can also delete a VA account by simply clicking the red X.


If you are getting a failure error while adding a new VA account, please check out whether the email you are trying to use isn't already in use in the system (perhaps your VA works for someone else, who also uses Yaballe or in  your other account). If that's the case, you can simply write a fictional email, based on your VA's real email or on your email, such as:

[email protected]


  • No need to actually create the fictional email - using the dot after the real email before the @, would make the emails to be sent to the email address before the dot, if needed.

  • Do NOT use capital letters in the email!

:-) Good luck!

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