Settings > General is the main settings tab - those settings are used for uploading your future listings.

Main things to pay attention to In PROFIT & BREAKEVEN settings:

  1.  Fill in your PayPal email, your desired profit in $ and/or your desired profit in % or both (they are added one to another), your eBay quantity for each new listing and you desired break-even for each source.

  2. If you are not interested in setting a value in one of the fields, please put a 0 there - DO NOT leave anything blank:

3. Do not leave the profit in $ zero. If you don't want to work with profit in $, set it to be at least 0.01.

4. Do not use the breakeven field for establishing profit. Breakeven is the zero point from which you begin your margin. The margin itself should be set in Profit in dollars and/or in Profit in percents.
Breakeven % should only consist of 3 things:
your ebay fees % + your Paypal fees % + an average % for supplier taxes.

For further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our chat support. :-)

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