To migrate to our monitor, while maintaining existing prices, you should download the following chrome extention:

After you have downloaded the extention:

  1. Get into your previous monitor and go to the Active Listings page.

  2.  Choose the display - 500 - per page, and repeat for each 500 products.

  3. Click the red button of the extension, then click on Select All, and copy to Google Docs as in the pictures.

4. Open Google Sheets through the extention's pop-up window

5. Paste the data by the right button on the mouse, and paste

6. Share the document in our support (chat), after you have opened a Yaballe account and defined your settings

7.  In our chat, please update if you want to keep prices as they are and we will transfer everything safely

8. Once you have received confirmation that everything is up, we suggest disconnecting the previous monitor immediately from eBay as explained here:

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