In the monitor, click on LISTER -> BULK LISTER tab.

There are two ways of using our bulk lister:

  1. You can paste a list of all the ASINs from a file you have prepared directly into the large text field.

  2. You can use our chrome extention - the Yaballe Bot with which you can copy ASINs from a whole webpage in Amazon and bring them to the bulk-lister using the blue button "Load bulk asins".

OPTION 1 - with a list:

In case you want to bring your own list of items you want to list, just remember that it has to be a one column list and the rows in that column should be arranged in one of the following ways:

ROW FORMAT (each item must be in a separated row)





  • If you want one of the parameters to be drawn automatically (for example - title from Amazon or quantity&profit from settings), just delete, but keep the coma-dot that were before and after it.

OPTION 2 - with Yaballe bot (load bulk asins button):

First go to Amazon and look for a title for a specific product that you want to upload to the monitor. Then, we need to click on our chrome extension icon in your browser panel. After clicking on it, a small window will open, press the ADD ASIN'S button - it would copy the ASINs from the whole Amazon page you were on. 

Now, you can go back to the monitor and press the Load bulk asins button, and all the ASIN numbers will appear in the field. 

OPTION 3 - from CSV file:

Please use this CSV table format:


Once you have ASINs in the large field, you can do two things:

A. List these products by pressing the LIST ITEMS button.
B. You can press the PREVIEW button and edit all our ASIN'S.

As soon as we press the PREVIEW button, what happens is that each ASIN number gets a separate line in the bulk lister page. If you click on the blue square button on the right, you can edit title, quantity, profit and category. After you  finish editing the products, do not forget to click on the "V" button to save.

Column Bulk Edit -> Here, we have the option of editing all the product lines together. As soon as we click this button, a small window will open, where we will have to enter the numerical value - one value for each session and then click the value you want to apply it to.

  • For example: I want to change the quantity to 5, so I will enter the number 5, and then press the "Quantity" button - and this will update all my products the quantity to 5.

You can also change the profit in dollars, category number, and percentage profit.


The red square button allows you to delete one of the lines, if you want. It is important to note that after clicking on the red square, the product will still not be totally deleted (if you want to change your mind just click the red button once again).
However, if you want to delete the product line for good, after clicking on the red square, you will also need to press another button called REMOVE DELETED ROWS at the bottom of the page.


Before we upload the products to the monitor, we can decide whether to allow the monitor to upload products on which we have a VERO alert. It's up to you!

If you decide to allow VERO and check "V"on this option, the monitor will list all the types of VERO that exist for the products (brand, title & description), according to your VERO strictness settings in SETTINGS>ADVANCED PAGE.
The best VERO strictness for working specifically with listing in bulk is like this:

Prevent Listing Out of Stock items

Here you have the option to prevent the uploading of products which would be out of stock at the moment of the listing.

It is important to remember that the monitor works according to the filters we set for it in the settings.
This means that the monitor scans each product, meaning that it is not only whether the product is in stock or not, but also in comparison to your filters.
In addition, you can see that there is an exclamation mark (!) That when you place your mouse on this symbol, you will see a brief explanation of this button.

Schedule the bulk start time

Here you have the option to schedule the BULK by selecting the desired date and time. It's important to remember that the initial time you will see is the time you opened the BULK.
Another thing, once you enter the time you want, you will see that the three clocks that appear will change according to the time you set, that is, you can see what time it will be in New York, Tel Aviv and Bangkok. You can see the products only when you set them up.


Here you can choose how many products you want the monitor to be uploaded to you, and for how long. For example: I can choose to upload 5 products at a time, and under the TOGETHER - I can choose to raise the products every fifteen minutes. That is, I chose every fifteen minutes the monitor uploaded me 5 products.


Here, you can make sure that the policies with which the products go into the monitor are the right policies. The three policies that will appear to you are the three policies that you have defined in the monitor that will be your default.

Export to file

If you do not want to upload the BULK now, you can click this button, and it will keep everything in the file.

  • One last thing to note is that our BULK LISTER supports uploading up to 10K products at once!

Finally, press the LIST ITEMS button and the products will go up to the monitor:

For any item which doesn't succeed to list for some reason you would get an email with the failed to list ASINs adn the reason.
Scheduled items would appear in the LISTER > SCHEDULED page till they are listed.

ENJOY! :-)

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