The SETTINGS > FILTERS settings are perhaps the most important settings in the Monitor, as they affect your future listings status (in / out of stock), as well as the status of your existing listings.

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We have separate settings for Amazon, AliExpress and Walmart. There is no need to set filters for other suppliers:


  • Seller Shipping Time - This is actually seller's handling time in Amazon.

Recommended, work with the first two options - 0 - 2 days \ 3 - 7 days.

  • Seller FeedBack - This is the percentage of seller's feedback on Amazon. It is recommended to work with the first 3 options (you can also choose the first 4 options) - 90% - 94% \ 95% - 97% \ 98% - 100%. If you work with FBA filter, you might want to choose the option in the bottom - "Just Launched" too.

  • Min Stock Quantity For Protected - Here, we will list the minimum quantity in inventory at Amazon's vendor, which in case there is less of it the monitor will take the product out of stock, that is, put the product in protected mode. It is recommended to select a quantity of 3, excluding the holiday period (Christmas), where you can increase the amount.

  • Seller Minimum FeedBack Count - It helps us filter out new sellers on Amazon.

If you check "V" only on ""Accept Only Fulfilled By Amazon Offers" - that is, you only work with products that are FBA products, then you can put a relatively low number in seller feedback count, such as 10.

If you want to work all over your eBay store with Amazon third-party sellers, you have to uncheck the "Accept Only Fulfilled By Amazon Offers". And then you can mark a higher number, such as 120 in seller feedback count - so you will get only relatively more experienced sellers, who have already sold quite a few units of products and still remained functioning sellers on Amazon.


  • Shipping Companies - This is the only filter to be set here. Here you can choose the type of shipments you want Yaballe to consider as in stock for you.

It's important to remember for all suppliers (also all the US suppliers) - the monitor knows how to add the cheapest shipping price to the price of the product automatically.

This filter takes the cheapest shipment to USA. Of course, all of this must be compatible with your policies on eBay, and remember that if you change the policies on eBay - it's very important to clear & update them on the monitor as well.


  • Sold By Walmart - First of all, decide do you want to work with products that are just Walmart's? Or even with third party vendors?

  • Minimum Stock Quantity - Here, we you set the minimum stock. In Walmart, it is recommended to put something like 5-10, because the stock runs out faster, and the bigger problem is that ended items do not always return to stock, sometimes they do not return at all, and sometimes it is not always known.

* Available Stock - Here we will show more stock options in Walmart that we would consider as inventory.

Finally - do not forget to press the SAVE button! :-)

Remember - if you make a change in your filters it would affect all your existing listings after the monitor's next scan or two.

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