You can find this page in the Monitor SETTINGS -> EBAY POLICIES. 


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There are 3 types of policies in eBay:




If you are a NEW SELLER who doesn't have business policies in eBay yet and only work with your eBay platform country suppliers (for example or any other US supplier for, you can skip the BUSINESS POLICIES and use only Yaballe MONITOR PROFILES instead.

If you have Business policies in eBay, please use the MONITOR PROFILES Only to set your item location and zip, and also the papla email for ebay, then import your ebay policies into Yaballe > EBAY POLICIES > BUSINESS POLICIES.



So once you have your business policies on eBay, come to this page, first click on the "Clear Policies From Yaballe" button - it makes sure you have nothing there.

  • Each time you update policies in eBay, you should always come to this page and clean by clicking the button above.

Then click on the "Update Policies from eBay" button - it will actually pull your existing policies on eBay.

Once it's imported into the monitor,  what will appear to you under the policies, is the names that you've given to your policies in eBay.

You need to choose the desired policy to be your default in order to list with the monitor. This default will appear on Lister, whenever you upload a product you want to list (the policies can be changed from the Lister during listing process).

Finally, it is highly important to save! And make sure you are notified that the saving process has been successful.

Remember that those policies are for the lister only (for your future items). if you want to change the policy to your existing listings, please edit the policy directly in eBay. ;-)



This tab is used instead of business policies mostly for new accounts generally or accounts which don't have business policies in eBay.

Here you can define your policies, such as where you want to receive the payment, what your return policy is, and what your shipping policy is. If you have business policies, this tab is not relevant to you.

  • Payment Policies - Here it is very important to update your PayPal account address, where you have been asked to receive payments on your sales.

  • Return Policy - Here it is related to the whole issue of returns, you can leave the default set.

  • Returns Option - Here you mark / choose whether you are receiving product returns or not.

  • Refund Option - Here, you choose what you are doing if there is a return of a product. Do you return the money to the buyer? Or a refund and replacement of the product, or a refund or new product without return. It is recommended that you choose the option of refund, so as not to mess with the returns of products (not always the products will appear in stocks of Amazon, for example).

  • Returns Within Option - Here, you choose how many days it will take you to return the product: 14 \ 30 \ 60 days - return.

  • Shipping Cost Paid By Option - Here, you choose who pays for the return of the product - is it the buyer? Or is it the seller?

  • Return Description - Here, you have free text to write, which is what the buyer will see. You can write whatever you want or leave the selection - a default that already exists.


  • Shipping Type - It is recommended to leave it as FLAT.

  • Shipping Service Options - It is recommended to leave the default.

  • Handling Time - It is best to leave it how it is, ie, 3 days.

  • Item Location - here you can set the name of a US city, comma and the first 2 letters of the US state where the city you have chosen is located. Make sure the ZIP you choose is a real zip which exists in that city (you can check it in Google).

For example: Miami, FL (this is just an example).

Finally do not forget to press the save button. :-)


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