In the monitor we can only change the location for our future listings.
This is done in:
Note: All fields should be filled, we have simply focused only on item location here.

In eBay you'd be able to change the locations of all your listings in bulk.

Note: Pay attention to exclude your Aliexpress or other non-US located listings from the change.

Ebay allows you to make bulk changes of max 200/500 listings each time (depending on your account), so you'll have to repeat this action a few times, according to the number of listings you have.

So, please go to Seller Hub > Listings > Active > Edit
and select how many would you like to edit at once:

On the next screen select all the listings:

Now select what you want to edit (item location):

Fill in the fields as on the screenshot below (the particular location here is just an example - for an exact location for your listings, please consult your eBay mentor):

Now submit the changes:

And finally - save and you are done! :-)

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