We are adding automatic rules to Yaballe. First one is automatic profit raise after sale.

  • You can set:  "Start raising profit after X sales", "Raise profit by _" and "Maximum profit limit"

  • % and $ profit are supported. You can mix it or use one of them. We suggest to use it the same way you work with your profit ($ / %) and keep the other on 0.

  • For instance: If you are working with $ profit (and % profit is 0 on repricer), We recommend to set the auto rules $ profit as you want and keep the % profit = 0

  • The sales count will start after the feature is turned on using the blue checkbox on the top left (screenshot attached)

  • This feature is available for free from CLASSIC plan and above (600 items+)

For example:
Lets say you have a listing with the following settings: profit_% = 10 and profit_$ = 0.
You set to start raising profit after 3 sales and want to raise profit_% by 0.5 and with a maximum raise limit of 1.5.

This means that after the 3rd sale, the current profit_% ( was 10) will be raised in additional 0.5 and will become 10.5,
after the 4th sale in another 0.5 (profit_% will become 11) and after the 5th sale in another 0.5 (profit_% will be 11).

After the 5th sale we reached the raise limit we set (1.5) and therefor
the profit percentage won't be changed anymore.

  • Avalaible for subscribers on 1,200 listings plan and up.

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