So you decided that you want to list a variations item from Amazon in order to be unique and be one of the first ones to do it through a monitor? You have come to the right place!

In this tutorial you’ll find most detailed “how to” instructions for it! So, let’s begin!

  1. First, copy one of the product's variations Url or ASIN and paste it in the Auto-Lister.

2. Click the blue "CHECK VARIATIONS" button (if the item doesn't have variations this button would not appear at all):

3. All the variations of this product, as they appear on Amazon would open in a preview window like this one:

Each variation is characterized by its own unique ASIN (as seen in section 3) and you would also be able to see the variation’s specifics, such as color and size, for example. For example, an M-size shirt with a blue color. A relevant picture would appear next to each variation in the lister too.

At this point you will not be able to see the price of the product on Amazon and neither the price that it would show on eBay, since these prices will only be calculated by an instant synchronization with Amazon at the very moment the product is listed.
This is because each variation has a different price and we need to contact Amazon's server for each variation separately to find out it’s price on Amazon. 

All you need is to set preliminary data regarding the desired break-even and dollar and/or % profit before you start listing in your Yaballe SETTINGS>GENERAL.

You would, of course, be able to change the price and profit for each variation in the lister after the listing is in the air.

5. The rest of the data will need to be updated and checked by you like in any regular list, whether it is the title arrangement according to your personal opinion, setting a item specifics, choosing main picture, creating a picture collage, etc.

6. Now that you've checked that all the data you want to upload has been entered, you can click “List product”. Uploading the product takes place behind the scenes and might take a few minutes. 

At the end you will receive an email indicating whether the product listing has been successful and which variations have been listed successfully (those which have failed to list for some reason, would also be noted in the email). In addition, the link to the product page on eBay would be provided, so you could see the product directly on eBay.

7. From this moment, you would be able to see all variations of the product in the monitor table, with each variation displayed in its own raw to make it easier for you to edit the product, see it’s status and sales information. And mainly because each variation is a list for itself, in terms of the monitor.

8. Each variation product will be highlighted in the monitor by the word "variation", so that it would be easy for you to identify them in the items list in the monitor.

How does a variation count in Yaballe?

Each line in the monitor is considered a product, whether it is an ordinary single product or a variation of a multi-variation product. This is because every variation is indeed a separated product in real life, with different price and quantity, it is linked to a different ASIN and in terms of scanning and follow-up for the monitor is not different from any ordinary product.

If, for example, you have listed a shirt with 4 variations:

Size: S Color: Blue
Size: S Color: Red
Size: M Color: Blue
Size: M Color: Red

In Yaballe it will be considered as 4 listings, which would be deducted from your package limit.

How does a variation count in Ebay?

In the case of eBay, a single product or a product with variations is considered a single listing. Which saves on uploading fees on eBay.

If we go back to the 4-variation shirt example, it will be considered a single listing. Each ACTIVE LISTING actually has one ID.

But for the calculation of your listing limits, eBay goes over all the listings that you have and sums up all the their item quantities, whether they are variations or not, and that is what is considered towards your limit quantity in ebay. For example, one ACTIVE LISTING, which has 4 variations and each variation is listed with 2 units, will take up 8 items in terms of limit on eBay.

Congratulations! - You have sold a product, how do you know which of all the variations is the right product?

Of course we got that all covered - the product sold is the product that will be displayed on the selling page and of course, the right color and size would be chosen (according to the example of the shirt above), and as usual there would be a link to the sale page on eBay and a link to the Amazon purchase page.

For automation users - would these products be supported by the automatic orders system?

Of course they would!!! The automatic orders would work as usual  - to you this is would look just like all the ordinary products and it would be processed immediately by the system.

Good luck and feel free to contact us through the chat, if you have any more questions! :-)

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